How AI Accelerates Recruiting

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According to a recent Linkedin study, 56% of HR organizations already use some form of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI automation for talent acquisition. That same study projects that AI for talent acquisition is expected to dramatically influence recruiting practices, driving mass adoption of AI for recruiting to levels near 77% of all HR organizations within the next two years.

In this article, we dive into reasons for AI recruiting adoption, how it can benefit your organization, and how it will affect the recruiting industry. By incorporating AI technology into your talent acquisition and recruiting practices, you’ll speed up the recruiting process and boost employee satisfaction along the way.

AI recruiting

Artificial intelligence is a technology that programs machines to perform human-like tasks as efficiently and accurately as possible, allowing organizations to automate many of their tedious, often time-consuming tasks that may be prone to human error. 

For recruiting, AI brings with it the ability to process large amounts of data, evaluate a larger pool of candidates, and recommend potential best-fit candidates based on the skills and experiences associated with the job.This is particularly helpful for organizations looking to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their recruiting or talent mobility programs.

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Diverse employees working together.

How AI is changing the recruiting process

AI recruiting isn’t intended to replace recruiters; rather, it is a powerful tool for recruiters. AI recruiting can help recruiting and HR teams cast a wider net and identify top talent in an efficient, consistent, and unbiased manner. It will also be able to guide decision-making (not make decisions) by providing qualitative, data-driven insights that can help elevate the recruiting and talent mobility process in the following ways.

Speed up the hiring process

The time it would take for a recruiter or HR employee to identify, screen, and evaluate candidates can be dramatically reduced by utilizing AI. The technology can scan larger data sets quickly, interpolate skills and experiences in a more comprehensive manner, and identify more passive candidates, ultimately producing a larger data set of top talent candidates for the recruiter to evaluate. 

Screen and source a large pool of potential candidates 

Screening and sourcing demand a significant amount of time during the hiring process. It has been documented that almost half of recruiters devote at least 30 hours to sourcing each week. This time-consuming process can be automated through AI. The recruiter can use the technology to screen resumes by enabling AI to search for specific keywords, skills, or experiences in the candidates’ resumes and profiles. This frees the recruiter’s time, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.

Reduce unconscious bias

Humans by nature have biases, whether unconscious or implicit, that may cause a recruiter to overlook some candidates. Several studies found that ethnicity, disability, gender, body size, and profession can all influence the assessment of a candidate based on personal biases that are often unconscious.

Because AI focuses on keyword matching, it does not evaluate based on parameters that can have unconscious bias. And AI can evaluate a larger pool of candidates, including those the recruiter may have overlooked because of human nature.

Benefits of AI recruiting

AI recruiting truly is a robust tool that can help recruiting teams work more efficiently and effectively by:

  • Streamlining tedious tasks by automating screening, sourcing, and scheduling
  • Attracting and recommending new job openings to passive and active top talent candidates
  • Networking for current employees by finding matches that can develop their career, broaden their network, and alert them to new opportunities with the organization
  • Customizing skill and compatibility searches to find quality candidates from a broader candidate pool
  • Identifying, through data-driven research, the right job descriptions to attract the best talent
  • Monitoring and following trends to motivate and retain dynamic talent
  • Reducing hiring time and the cost per hire
  • Reducing bias to find a more diverse and inclusive candidate pool

How AI recruiting supports diversity and inclusion 

Most HR organizations are prioritizing diversity, equity, & inclusion (DE&I) within their organizations. AI can be used to evaluate and identify trends that drive diversity hiring, enabling the organization to also attract a more diverse workforce.

AI can also help fulfill diversity goals by sourcing from a much larger pool of candidates because of its efficient processing power. It can evaluate more candidates and make recommendations that are not swayed by human nature or unconscious bias.

Challenges of AI recruiting

While AI has made great strides in improving recruiting processes, it is not without its challenges. The most pressing challenges for AI recruiting include:

Accessing quality data

The AI is only as good as the data it pulls from. HR organizations need to be mindful of where their AI recruiting tools mine their information to source and screen candidates. The AI engine needs to be able to access a wide network of recruiters, employees, talent, and job descriptions to make effective recommendations and analyses.

Preventing bias

While AI may be great at eliminating subconscious bias, well-suited candidates may not be savvy to the keywords the AI engine is searching for. So, if not properly trained or developed, AI may surface the candidates with the best keyword matches, which may not be the best talent for the job simply because the best candidate didn’t have the right keywords (or percentage of keywords) mentioned in their profile.

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AI does not replace humans

If AI can automate a large portion of a recruiter’s responsibilities, people may fear that their jobs are going away. But the art of recruitment still requires human interaction and decision-making, which makes it more of a tool for recruiters instead of a means of replacing them.

Two diverse men shaking hands

How AI affects the role of a recruiter 

AI will not replace recruiters because AI lacks the empathy, social skills, and negotiating tactics to complete the talent acquisition lifecycle. That said, it is an efficient recruiting tool for streamlining tasks so that recruiters can make better decisions through valuable data-driven insight and fill positions quickly and more cost-effectively. This frees up time for the recruiter to:

  • Proactively implement strategic hiring practices
  • Put their focus on relationships with candidates and hiring managers to improve both candidate and hiring manager experiences
  • Improve the quality of hire with measurable KPIs

How AI elevates the interview process

AI-empowered sourcing and screening during the interview process can reduce bias, allowing an organization to build more diverse, inclusive teams. And because AI learns from the data it scans, as well as tracks the hire’s employment experience, it can assess and recommend changes to improve employee satisfaction and retain top talent.

Another way AI is shaping the interview process is by conducting the initial virtual screening interview, which has first-round candidates respond to the same questions providing a more equitable environment.

AI recruiting can improve your organization’s talent

Not only does AI recruiting save time and money for the organization by streamlining the process, but it also creates a diverse, inclusive talent pool by reducing bias and searching for a much larger pool of candidates. While it cannot replace the value of a human HR professional, AI is a powerful tool to make the recruiting process more efficient.

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