Supercharge Your ATS with AI

We’re not here to sell you yet another platform, yet another data silo. We’re here to help you get the most out of the systems you already have. is embedded into your existing ATS, which your recruiters already know how to use. Centralize the entire recruiting process — from candidate rediscovery all the way to external sourcing — to just one tool.

100% Familiarity

Your recruiters already know your ATS, so using is seamless and simple. 

No Change Management

Integrating is painless, regardless of the ATS.

High User Adoption

Using will make the ATS your recruiters have known for years even easier to use.

Total Compliance

Our AI was trained and developed with the ultimate goal of ensuring complete fairness and efficiency.

See in Action Today

No matter the ATS you’re using today, integrating is seamless. See how you can take recruiting to the next level with contextual, 360° matching.

Customer Successes empowers efficiency throughout the entire recruiting process, from start to finish.