Our Mission at mojohire.ai

Our mission at mojohire.ai is to revolutionize the recruiting landscape by empowering recruiters to focus on what truly matters: attracting top-tier talent to your organization. In today’s fast-paced talent market, every moment counts. We believe recruiters should spend their time strategically engaging with qualified candidates, not bogged down by tedious administrative tasks or sifting through unqualified applicants.

With the power of ethical AI, mojohire.ai enables recruiters to streamline their workflows, reclaiming valuable time for high-impact activities. We do this without adding another tool to your tech stack, but by optimizing your existing ATS, making it smarter and faster to drive maximum ROI. We’re committed to moving recruitment strategies and processes into the 21st century, leveraging responsible AI innovation to propel your organization forward.

We challenge you to embrace forward-thinking, innovation, and vision. Let mojohire.ai be your partner in taking meaningful steps towards a giant leap forward in recruitment excellence.

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Meet the Team

head cecil

Cecil Plummer


head polo

Polo Crosbie

Operations and Strategy

head dennis

Dennis Vaughn

Cloud Engineering

head spencer

Spencer Liu


head matt

Matt Honig

Sales and Partnerships

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