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Centralize the talent acquisition process so recruiters can source from past applicants, existing employees, and even external sources without leaving the ATS.

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One Tool to Rule Them All: Your ATS 

Switching between the ATS, CRM, and external sources to find the perfect candidate isn’t conducive to today’s fast-paced talent market. Get the data from all those sources without leaving your ATS —  it’s that easy.

Centralized Recruiting

Save time and resources by centralizing sourcing, matching, rediscovery, and more into your existing process and ATS.

Zero Adoption Issues

mojohire.ai is simple to use within the ATS your recruiters already know, no extra training required. 

Talent Pooling

mojohire.ai builds candidate funnels for your recruiters, so top talent is always at the ready.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

With mojohire.ai, manually searching for candidates has been eliminated. Instead, we started reviewing qualified candidates. IMMEDIATELY!

Greta Fitzgerald

Sr. HR Director, iTalent Digital

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ATS Integrations

Supercharge your ATS with the power of AI today!

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