Compliance, Integrity, and Confidentiality

Data protection comes above everything we do. Reliability and security is at the core of our technology and culture. 

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Annual Pen Test


A penetration test (pen test) is an authorized simulated attack performed on a computer system to evaluate its security. Penetration testers use the same tools, techniques, and processes as attackers to find and demonstrate the business impacts of weaknesses in a system.

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100% Data Encryption


Rest assured, your information is securely stored whether it’s at rest on internal or external storage devices, or in transit between locations over private networks or the Internet. We take data security seriously to safeguard your privacy at every step.

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ISO/IEC 27001 is the world’s best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS) and their requirements. Additional best practices in data protection and cyber resilience are covered by more than a dozen standards in the ISO/IEC 27000 family. Together, they enable organizations of all sectors and sizes to manage the security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee data and information entrusted by third parties.

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SOC 2 is a voluntary compliance standard for service organizations, developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), which specifies how organizations should manage customer data. The standard is based on the following Trust Services Criteria: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, privacy.

External Bias Audit


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Proceptual helps Human Resources and People Operations Leaders at companies of all sizes quickly and effectively meet emerging compliance requirements for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation used in hiring processes. understands the importance of engaging in bias audits of our technology to potentially identify and mitigate unfair biases, ensure compliance with evolving regulations, and build trust through transparency around an organization’s use of AI. 

See our latest bias audit report here.

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