Struggling with your ATS or HCM recruitment module? Here’s what you can do.

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“Can someone explain to me why an ATS released in 2018 has the functionality of something built in 2008? Why is HR Tech so. dang. bad?”

Pick any given day on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn and you’ll see hundreds of recruiters frustrated and exhausted with their legacy recruitment tools. And while every F1000 recruiter can give voice to the frustrations, no one seems to have the answer. Because in order to get a recruitment system that works really well, you have to sacrifice some of the things that make enterprise HRIS so darn effective.

Now, we’re not saying ditch your HCM. Workday, Oracle, and SAP SuccessFactors are GREAT options for the enterprise. However, their recruitment modules weren’t built from the ground up for Talent Acquisition. And recruiters really need their tech to work quickly and seamlessly in 2022. 

In fact, with margins thinner, competition higher, and scaling a top priority for larger companies, recruiting and hiring platforms MUST be best-of-breed. So how do you wrangle a legacy system to work the way you need it to? 

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Let’s discuss what recruiters are struggling with, why they need a better answer than just “get a new system” and how MojoHire’s sleek, streamlined system that integrates with these HRIS powerhouses just MIGHT be the thing enterprise recruiters have been waiting for.

MojoHire was built for recruiters by recruiters to solve one key issue in the enterprise. Big company HRIS are NOT equipped to handle enterprise-level talent acquisition needs. Companies like Workday, Oracle, SAP and more completely transformed how HR worked but the modules and features dedicated to recruiting are less than ideal. 

The result? A massive, uncoordinated recruiting operation that’s using an HCM-focused recruitment module that wasn’t built for their process or their specific needs. 

Enter MojoHire, a sleek, simple overlay that turns your clunky, disparate systems into a streamlined talent acquisition powerhouse. From candidates trapped in black holes to an always-refreshed talent pipeline, from wrestling with hiring bias to nail your DEI initiatives, from trying to locate lost requisitions and create skill maps to seeing at-a-glance where the gaps and fonts of skills lie in your organization. MojoHire has solved the riddle that’s been plaguing TA for the last decade. And not a minute too soon.

Your current ATS and other HR tech needs help

With the talent landscape becoming more competitive every day, companies can’t afford to rely on an HRIS that wasn’t built for recruiting. To keep up with the competition and attract top talent, enterprises need a best-of-breed solution that will help them streamline their recruiting process and overcome the challenges posed by their HRIS. 

No matter which way you slice it, one department or discipline has to put up with subpar functionality in order to find a system that works for the entire company. But not anymore. MojoHire offers best-of-breed technology and functionality while seamlessly integrating with the HRIS your company needs. 

Want to know the most recruited position for 2021? Recruiters. That’s some irony. While the world is turning to Talent Acquisition pros for hiring help, the pros are tired of working within programs that make their job harder than it needs to be. Their top HR tech  complaints look like this:

  • Poor recruitment process integration 
  • Difficult sourcer and recruiter experience
  • No access to talent pools or pipelines
  • Lack of hiring flexibility and agility 
  • A system that’s not built for recruiting 
  • Inefficient hiring and recruiting workflows 
  • Outdated DEI features and clunky user interface 
  • Lack of customer support for talent acquisition pros

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As a result, your team is doing much of the work manually or developing cumbersome workarounds. The bottom line is that they’re exhausted.

You’re losing out on top talent

Another detriment of a clunky HR system is that you’re missing quality candidates (a horrifying thought, considering that’s the whole point). Between the workarounds and the constant back and forth between multiple systems, your team could be overlooking desirable candidates simply because they don’t contain the right keywords in their resumes.

Additionally, your ATS contains only the resumes you’ve collected since its implementation. If any current employees were hired before that time, you’re missing out on quality candidates you already have right there in your org chart.

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The frustration of forgetting to include internal employees for open positions can actually be a significant cause of retention. If a member of your team hasn’t been considered for an open position, it could cause them to believe the opportunity for growth within the company isn’t there, which perpetuates more turnover. 

Mining through their disorganized and overrun ATS gets so overwhelming that some recruiters ignore it altogether and just head back to LinkedIn. Not only are you spending money on these tech platforms that work against your recruiters, but your recruiters also aren’t even using them!

Time to rip and replace? No.

We understand your struggle. The HRIS is where all your data lives. You don’t need to continue adding more tools that don’t speak to each other or throw out the files you have and start over. You just need one tool to tap into the functionality of the systems you have. That’s where MojoHire comes in. 

MojoHire has the solution to make your recruitment process seamless by integrating with your current HRIS. We know that you can’t just get rid of your HRIS. You need it for payroll, benefits, and to keep all of your employee data in one place. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with a recruitment process that’s difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating.

MojoHire offers the best of both worlds – the features you need for recruiting with the integration you require for your HRIS. We have a variety of connectors that can be used to integrate MojoHire with any HRIS on the market, including:


Oracle HRMS 

SAP Success Factors 

And more!

MojoHire fixes tactical pains by making broken HR systems work seamlessly together. You may have an ATS to collect your candidate information, but it’s not effective if it isn’t talking to your HRIS. Under our system, these systems merge effectively and start working for your recruiters instead of against them. 

Why they need a better answer than just “get a new system”

First of all, have you ever worked ANYWHERE? Telling your CHRO or CFO you “need a better recruiting tool” when they just invested a quarter of a million dollars getting the HCM system up and running is, well, a rookie move and not likely to be successful. A new system is a massive undertaking and you need to prove the ROI to the C-suite. What you need is a system that will work WITH your current HCM, not against it. 

MojoHire is purpose-built for recruitment with a modern interface that makes it easy and enjoyable to use. The platform is highly configurable, so it can be tailored to fit your unique recruiting process. MojoHire’s hiring workflows are designed to be as efficient as possible, so you can focus on what you do best: recruiting. 

If you’re an enterprise recruiter struggling with a legacy system that’s not built for recruiting, we invite you to check out MojoHire. We might just be the best-of-breed solution you’ve been waiting for. Get a FREE demo of MojoHire and explore how quickly you can turn your legacy recruiting system into a hiring powerhouse. 

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