Beyond keywords: use intelligent matching to turn your ATS from a burden to a blessing

by | May 17, 2022 | News

Keyword matching is great for simple Google searches, but when you’re dealing with the complexities of finding the right candidate for an open role, you need more than unintelligent word and phrase matching — you need intelligent matching. Just because a candidate’s résumé doesn’t match the wording on a given job description does not necessarily mean they are not qualified.   

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The problem with keywords


 Any position requires a complex set of skills that cannot be understood by unintelligent HR systems. To compound the problem, job descriptions are often based on templates used in years past and may not accurately reflect the day-to-day responsibilities of roles in today’s digital economy. And job titles are becoming increasingly varied, making keyword searches even less relevant. Simply put, ATS search capabilities have not kept up with the needs of today’s talent acquisition (TA) teams. 

 And supposed “Artificial Intelligence” may not be much help. Many AI solutions in the HR space today do little more than search keywords in an automated way. To truly use intelligence to maximize recruiting, real, robust AI and machine-learning are needed.  

How MojoHire’s AI intelligent matching can help

True Artificial intelligence can help your company identify ideal candidates that you’ve been missing out on. Because Mojohire’s AI is able to go way beyond simple keyword and skill matching. Our AI-enabled matching algorithms—also known as intelligent matching—can recognize and understand strings of text and their relationship to one another as well as context, truly mimicking how a seasoned recruiter would scrutinize a resume. Intelligent matching enables TA teams to find best-fit candidates that would go undiscovered with legacy searches or less robust “AI” systems.

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Turn your data into a gold mine of talent

MojoHire’s proprietary parsing technology uses advanced AI to extract, analyze and understand résumés, cover letters and applications like an experienced recruiter would. Not only can it recognize entities (units of information), but it understands the relationships between the different entities and identifies the different types and segments of information. It compares skills and experience with relevant data points in order to understand the entire context of a candidate in relation to an open position. MojoHire recognizes and surfaces the best-fit candidates in seconds, even when the words on a résumé, cover letter, or application do not match the wording on the job description. 

 The MojoHire solution integrates as an overly of your entire HR stack to accomplish all this without the need to upgrade or replace your existing system. Instead of letting data languish in a black hole of legacy platforms, MojoHire ensures that all the talent in your databases is evaluated for an opportunity. 


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