Supercharge Your ATS With AI & Talent Intelligence Works Inside Your ATS

to Enable You to:

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Leverage Data You Already Own​

Don’t let your talent go to waste!

With, you can easily rediscover and engage with qualified applicants hidden within your ATS. Our clients report sourcing over 50% of their hires from their existing data.

Stop Toggling, Start Hiring​

No more jumping from system to system to find great talent. delivers powerful talent intelligence directly to the ATS you already know and love, making recruiting a breeze.

Browse through qualified candidates no matter where you are in your system.

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Hire at Lightning Speed​ instantly matches candidates to open jobs and open jobs to candidates. also identifies candidate profiles that share similarities with each other, helping you build strong and diverse teams without the guesswork of traditional recruiting methods.

From the moment you post a job, you’ll have a pipeline of qualified candidates that will never run dry.

Crush Hiring Silos​

Since is constantly matching, all of your recruiters work in perfect sync.

No matter who sourced a candidate, automatically match them with the best-fit role.

With, your recruiting team can avoid any duplication of efforts, allowing everyone to focus on what they do best: finding and hiring top talent.

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Go Way Beyond Keywords​ thinks like a human brain to provide the best possible matches for your open requisitions.

With holistic, contextual matching, you can get the whole picture of a candidate’s expertise and experience to make the best hire. and Greenhouse integrates seamlessly with Greenhouse, leveraging AI and talent intelligence to streamline your hiring process.

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Spend More Time Recruiting and Less Time Chasing

Say goodbye to the endless search and hello to the perfect match, with one click of a button. injects talent intelligence into your ATS to match people to jobs and jobs to people, giving you instant access to the untapped goldmine within your existing candidate database.

With, top talent will never slip through the cracks again, and you can focus on building your dream team. Integrations