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how to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace

How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace with AI

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) aren’t just buzzwords. They’re the fuel that drives innovation, fosters better decision-making, and builds a powerful employer brand. Diverse teams are proven time and again to significantly outperform their less diverse counterparts. However,

future of tech jobs featured image

The Labor Market and the Future of Tech Jobs

The tech sector has long been a beacon of opportunity, with booming growth and skyrocketing salaries. In 2023, however, we saw a year of sharp turns and unexpected twists, leaving many wondering what 2024 holds.   To better

AI Recruiting Tools

12 Days of the Best AI Recruiting Tools

Ho ho ho, fellow recruiters! ‘Tis the season for spreading cheer and finding the perfect talent so you can start 2024 out strong. Next year, let’s ditch the traditional and embrace the magic of AI recruiting tools.

CRM for recruiting blog

Do You Really Need a CRM for Recruiting?

As much as candidates need to stand out to get the attention of prospective employers, employers need to attract and stay engaged with their candidates. Building a rapport with applicants and keeping them interested in your business,

Cecil graphic Welcomes Cecil Plummer as CEO

We are thrilled to announce that Cecil Plummer has joined MojoHire as Chief Executive Officer. Cecil brings with him over two decades of executive leadership experience. His background in strategic sourcing, change management, performance and process improvement,

Soft landing blog featured image

Economic Soft Landing and What It Means for Recruiters

The term ‘economic soft landing’ refers to a deliberate and controlled slowdown in economic growth to prevent out-of-control inflation and unsustainable expansion. Picture this scenario akin to a seasoned pilot guiding an aircraft to a gentle touchdown

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How to Get the Most Out of Your ATS

In today’s competitive job market, you need to adapt quickly to find and retain top talent. Businesses often resort to sinking a significant investment into external recruiting sources and job boards to attract top talent. These can

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Top 3 Hiring Myths of 2023

The workplace is ever-evolving. The notion that employers must adapt to successfully attract and retain top talent is not new. However, the many challenges that the post-pandemic economy has introduced to businesses are. In addition to navigating

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Quitting in Place: The High Price of Poor Employee Experience

If you’re involved in hiring, especially a human resource (HR) executive or talent acquisition (TA) professional, you may be familiar with the term “quitting in place,” and the effects it has on business performance. In this article,

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What You Need to Know About Internal Mobility

Internal mobility isn’t a new concept; however, it is having a profound moment in the talent acquisition space. In response to the talent shortage, organizations are investing in the movement of their internal teams to ensure high-level

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How to Attract Top Talent During a Labor Shortage

The race to attract top talent is hot, and shows no signs of slowing. Only now, it’s not just about recovering from an unexpected change in the market. Experts of identified a legitimate labor shortage. If you’re

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Top 3 Recruiter Pain Points and How to Solve Them

Recruiters are still navigating a tumultuous market with 11 million job openings and only about half as many unemployed. You get it- the pandemic, nearly an entire generation retired, and the great resignation is holding on for

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How to Attract and Retain Great Recruiters in 2022

You’re not alone if your company wants to do more to retain its best recruiters. With competition for talent heating up, the ability to attract and retain recruiters has become a hot commodity. According to data from

talent acquisition

5 questions to ask your talent acquisition technology vendor

As companies struggle to fill their open positions, many are acquiring new talent acquisition technology to help them cope. In fact, according to Korn Ferry, 68% of recruiters surveyed said that investing in new talent acquisition technology

Multiple arms in a stack demonstrating recruiter and hiring manager unity

4 Ways to Improve Recruiter and Hiring Manager Collaboration

This article about improving the recruiter and hiring manager relationship was originally published in April of 2022. All relevant copy and statistics have been updated as of July 2022. Strong recruiter and hiring manager collaboration is vital

woman holding clipboard

Career Pathing is Obsolete: Career Portfolio is the Future

Unfortunately, most companies’ approach to promoting internal mobility and keeping talent challenged, growing, and motivated has not kept up with the times, resulting in enormous costs. Employees are now leaving companies at unprecedented rates. We’ve seen companies

hiring velocity

How to Turbo-Boost Hiring Velocity

The pandemic has talent acquisition leaders fighting a battle on two fronts. On one hand, it is harder than ever to find good talent, as masses of workers leave the salaried ranks to start their own businesses

Man studying talent analytics.

Why You Need AI-Powered Talent Acquisition

Today’s HR organizations and recruiters are under tremendous pressure to find and acquire top talent with few resources and limited bandwidth. Artificial Intelligence (AI) talent acquisition tools and technology are reshaping how HR hires. Because AI technology

AI Recruiting is a powerful tool.

How AI Accelerates Recruiting

According to a recent Linkedin study, 56% of HR organizations already use some form of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI automation for talent acquisition. That same study projects that AI for talent acquisition is expected to dramatically

four strategic mindset

Organizational Agility: Is Your TA Team Helping or Hurting?

By Polo Crosbie and Spencer Liu, Product and Strategy at MojoHire Your talent acquisition team’s attitude towards HR tech is a tell-tale sign of how change-ready it is. Which one of these four organizational agility mindsets best

internal mobility

Internal Mobility: Onward and Upward

In a recent piece, we talked about the unspoken challenges of D&I: the pressure to deliver – and fast. It’s one of those topics that few people tackle because no one wants to admit that meaningful progress is


Discover Overlooked Candidates with

On RecruitingDaily’s Use Case Podcast with William Tincup, MojoHire describes some of its unique features and benefits that set it apart in the TA/HR Tech ecosystem. Tincup described MojoHire’s ability to mine otherwise overlooked candidates buried in a


Four Ways to Increase Workplace Diversity

MojoHire sponsored a live webinar featuring Telle Whitney, co-founder of the Grace Hopper Celebration, in partnership with GLAM (Girls Leadership Academy Meetup). In this engaging conversation, Telle offers up four tips for attracting and retaining more women in your

MSFT app store Available on Microsoft AppSource

We are excited about MojoRank’s availability on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions. MojoRank’sAI-enabled talent matching software features a proprietary algorithm that intelligently evaluates candidates based on job requirements to instantly disqualify those who