Go Beyond Keywords with Our
Matchmaking AI for HR.

It's time to move beyond one-dimensional, skill-based recruiting and discover the hidden potential of your candidate pool.

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MojoHire's Neuron + Knowledge-Discovery Tech

Hidden Gems

Candidate Rediscovery

Use what you’ve got. MojoHire unlocks the potential of your candidate database, maximizing ROI by revealing the silver medalists you had completely forgotten about. With our intelligent AI matching, our customers have reported more than half of their new hires were rediscovered within their existing systems.

MojoHire is the missing link that ensures your talent pipeline never runs dry. 


mini simplifies matchmaking

Don’t get lost in the details. MojoHire automatically measures candidate profiles against job descriptions to categorize them into three buckets: cold, warm, and hot.  

Instantly prioritize which candidates you need to speak with first and stop wasting valuable time on applicants that aren’t a strong fit.


miniAnalyzes Three Dimensionally

No more guessing games. Candidates aren’t just a list of skills, they’re people with a wealth of wisdom and experiences that can be difficult to capture in a resume.  

Our three-dimensional AI algorithm analyzes candidates holistically to match talent to jobs and vice versa, and even identifies similarities between candidates. With MojoHire, building a strong and diverse team has never been easier.