Wins Gold for its Recruiting and Internal Mobility Innovation


MojoHire was named a Gold winner in the 13th Annual 2021 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards, in the Cloud Computing/SaaS Innovation category, in recognition of the groundbreaking “industry firsts” it delivers to talent mobility and recruiting.

“This recognition is based on our product innovations and relentless drive to stay customer- and user-focused,” said Spencer Liu, head of product at MojoHire. “We believe this recognition from Globee Awards further validates our commitment to solving our customers’ most urgent challenges around talent.”

What does this mean for your company? Ian Ide, vice-president of talent acquisition at Foundation Medicine, affirmed that “MojoHire is helping us better leverage both our internal talent and our candidate database by breaking down silos and unlocking new talent insights.”

Some of the innovations that you can begin leveraging right away, without changing your current technology stack or workflows, include:

(1)  MojoHire re-engineers traditional recruiting & internal talent mobility workflows by instantly presenting best-matched candidates and employees for any open position (“open req”), completely eliminating the need for manual search. This alone frees up to 65% of recruiters’ time.

(2)  Other platforms display applicants only in relation to the positions they applied for. By contrast, MojoHire matches all talent to all open reqs 24/7, so no good talent is overlooked for any opening.

(3)  MojoHire’s proprietary matching algorithms also match people to people, so when an employee transfers to a new role, companies can instantly find other similar backfill candidates. Similarly, if the top pick for a job becomes unavailable, MojoHire surfaces “similar” candidates that hiring managers can contact right away.

(4)  MojoHire also supports customers’ DE&I initiatives. MojoHire’s anonymization configurator gives customers the flexibility to remove unconscious bias by focusing the entire recruiting process exclusively on the objective facts around candidates’ qualifications.

MojoHire sits on top of a company’s existing human capital management (HCM) technology stack, delivering a superior recruiting and talent mobility experience for employees, external candidates, hiring managers and recruiters – in terms of efficiency, performance, and superior outcomes – all without the need to change systems or workflow.

To get a feel for how your company can benefit from MojoRank, click here to schedule a personalized demo now.

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