Introducing Slashing Time-to-Hire with Responsible AI

by | Jul 17, 2023 | News

We’re excited to announce the general availability of our in-app AI product,! This solution delivers our proprietary Brain Neuron+Knowledge Discovery™ matching technology inside whichever Applicant Tracking System (ATS) you’re currently using, embedding AI directly within its UX to supercharge its capabilities and streamline workflows so identifying top talent is simple, instant, and ethical.

Cut Through the Noise, Find the Perfect Fit 

Recruiters today face a shifting talent landscape coupled with a mountain of data trapped within siloed HR tech stacks. Sifting through countless resumes and managing multiple platforms eats away at valuable time that could otherwise be used on strategic initiatives.

“Simply put, makes companies’ HR tech stacks work better and faster,” said Renée La Londe, founder of “And its value doesn’t stop at intelligent talent discovery – the system is also a valuable tool for career pathing and internal mobility, increasing hiring velocity, supporting diversity goals, and enhancing an organization’s talent intelligence.” Delivers: 

Effortless Power-Up: No need to ditch your current ATS. Regardless of the platform you use, integrates seamlessly, making your existing system smarter and faster. Since our AI isn’t a separate tool and is embedded directly within the system your team is already familiar with, there are zero adoption issues and no change management required.

AI-Powered Talent Discovery: Unleash the hidden potential within your ATS and transform it into a comprehensive hiring machine. instantly surfaces qualified candidates within your existing dataset to significantly shorten time-to-hire. Additionally, now aggregates candidate data from external sources as well, pulling new candidates into your ATS and automatically updating existing ones, ensuring your database is always up-to-date.

Holistic Candidate Profiles: Go beyond keywords. dives deeper, understanding the full context of a candidate’s experience and skills in relation to the job requirements to give you a complete picture before the first conversation even begins. 

Streamlined Workflows: Say goodbye to tedious tasks. automates rediscovery, profile enrichment, talent pipelining, and more to free up your recruiters’ time from activities that don’t move the needle.

Focus on What Matters: Empower your team to focus their time and energy on building stronger teams. handles the heavy lifting behind-the-scenes, allowing recruiters to focus on what they do best: attracting and engaging top talent. 

Building a More Diverse and Qualified Workforce 

Recognizing that diversity fuels success, champions responsible AI to ensure fair hiring practices. Our rigorously tested, bias-free algorithms uncover a wider range of qualified candidates based on skills, not demographics, fostering a more diverse and qualified workforce for your organization.

About is the talent discovery system designed to help organizations build high-performing teams. Our AI-powered platform unlocks hidden talent pools and provides a comprehensive view of a candidate’s journey. By seamlessly integrating with existing HR tech stacks, helps companies maximize their ROI and build a more diverse and qualified workforce. 

Ready to slash your time-to-hire by more than half? Request a demo to learn more. 

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