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Level-Up Your ATS, Slash Time-to-Hire in Half

Ditch slow, manual recruiting and leverage the power of AI with Our AI seamlessly integrates with your ATS, automating tedious tasks and centralizing the entire recruiting process. No need for another platform – we supercharge your existing ATS, maximizing recruiter speed and efficiency. Say goodbye to toggling between systems and hello to painless user adoption.

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Do More with Less helps recruiters to do much more, with less. Our contextual AI accelerates talent sourcing, rediscovery, pipelining, profile enrichment, and more without adding yet another platform to your tech stack. No change management, no adoption issues, no more data silos.


Streamline Workflows

Don’t spend precious time on unqualified candidates. recommends top candidates instantly, without you even needing to search.

Centralize the recruiting process and save your recruiters from juggling too many tools.

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Centralize and Save

One comprehensive solution for all your candidate sourcing needs – your ATS.

By centralizing recruitment to one tool, you can maximize ROI from past recruiting efforts, eliminate data silos, and save time and money on sourcing tools.

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ATS-Empowering Solutions for HR Professionals

Contextual AI Matching reads between the lines, understanding the contextual relationship between words, sentences, and paragraphs — within resumes, within job requirements, and between both.

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One Tool for Talent Sourcing

Instantly surface qualified candidates from past applicants, existing employees, and external sources. No more switching between platforms—access hundreds of thousands of talent profiles without even leaving your ATS. Free your recruiters from busy work so they can focus on strategic initiatives.

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One-Click Talent Rediscovery

You’ve already spent years collecting candidate data, helps you get the most out of that investment. Hire faster by engaging with warm candidates and silver-medalists who have already expressed interest in your company.

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Automatic Talent Profile Enrichment

As candidates constantly evolve professionally, manual updates fall short. continuously compares the talent profiles in your system with their external counterparts, ensuring they’re always aligned with the latest information while adjusting their suitability for your open roles.

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Proactive Talent Pipelining

Ensure readiness to fill roles as soon as they open by building and nurturing talent pools tailored to specific criteria. Effortlessly stay ahead of the hiring curve with our intuitive talent pipelining feature.

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Talent Diversity, Equity & Inclusion sees beyond unconscious bias in data, and we continuously safeguard our AI from bias by conducting third-party audits and rigorous monitoring.

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Regardless of the ATS your team is using, we can level it up with the power of AI so you can start building stronger teams at the speed of light.

Customer Successes empowers efficiency throughout the entire recruiting process, from start to finish.

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